Dental Implants ~ Facts

A Beautiful Way to Replace Missing Teeth


Dental Implants are small posts made from titanium (lightweight metal) that are permanently placed in the jaw bone and become an anchor to hold a replacement tooth. After the healing process of placing the implant, the bone will incorporate and actually grow around the implant holding it in place. The final process is to place on the Implant a beautful custom-made Cerec Crown made right here in our lab while you wait. The Implants are permanent, unlike removable dentures or bridges, and will not shift or slip around in your mouth. They have been used over the past 40 years to sucessfully replace missing teeth. Nothing is the same as a natural healthy tooth but if due to disease or injury a tooth needs to be replaced, then Implants offer as close to your natural tooth as possible. They are affordable and an excellent investment as they can last a lifetime with good dental care.


Mini Implants are simple to place and act as small anchors that will stabilize and hold your loose dentures in place. They can almost elimate the need for that messy denture adhesive. With the placement and support of Mini Implants your dentures act more like your natural teeth, what a great feeling!

What are some of the benefits of DENTAL IMPLANTS?

Dental implants offer the next best option to your own teeth. They look and feel like your natural teeth. They improve the appearance of your mouth and smile. With dental implants, you are not restricted to certain foods with the secure fit you can eat corn on the cob and chew gum. Dental implants also reduce the bone atrophy and shrinkage that is common with lost teeth. You can speak, eat and smile with confidence!

Who will place a DENTAL IMPLANT in my mouth?

We have several doctors who specialize in both placement of IMPLANTS to replace missing teeth and MINI-IMPLANTS to help anchor loose or ill-fitting dentures. After an exam, it will be necessary to have a CT Scan taken at our office to make sure you are a candidate for Implants. Our doctor will evaluate the 3-D CT Scan Image to determine the degree of bone support necessary to place the Implant or if there is a lack of support, to determine that you are a candidate for bone grafting. Our doctors have been successfully placing Implants for many years; we will explain the entire procedure and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Is DENTAL IMPLANT surgery painful?

No. Local anesthetic is used during the procedure to eliminate pain. After surgery, you may feel a bit sore for a day or so, but the pain and discomfort is minimal.

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