Regular Cleanings and Exams

More Important than you know!

Along with daily brushing and flossing at home, regular professional cleanings and exams keep your teeth and gums healthy; helping to protect you from cavities and periodontal gum disease. A regular cleaning removes tartar buildup, bacteria and gets rid of food, beverage and tobacco stains on the surface of your teeth. Your smile deserves fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums... that's some great reasons for scheduling and keeping regular six month hygiene appointments!

Another very important reason is having a regular dental exam. Your hygienist and doctor are trained to detect potential problems so they can be treated diagnosed and treated immediately. This can help catch a dental issue in its early stages before it becomes a bigger problem requiring a more extensive treatment. And since cleanings and exams are considered preventative treatment, most insurances will cover your cleaning and exam every six months at 100%.

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New Baltimore Family Dentistry

Our Hygienists: Samantha & Michelle (above) and Kiana & Allison (not pictured)

Our exemplary Dental Hygiene team consists of 4 honor graduates. They are very compassionate, enthusiastic and have a wealth of knowledge about today's most up to date periodontal procedures and whitening techniques.

They all enjoy working with children and love the field of Dentistry.

Nervous or Anxious? We understand, we really do.

Our office is set up with the ability to administer Nitrous Oxide if needed, please ask for details.

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